Intramural football: Back Dat Pass Up tramples Makin Bacon

By Tommy Reinking

In a game between two undefeated teams, Back Dat Pass Up dominated Makin Bacon, 38-12, to finish regular-season intramural football play on Monday night.

Dat Pass (4-0) scored a touchdown on every possession of the game. They also got to the Makin Bacon quarterback four times and forced an interception, a punt, and a failed fourth-down conversion throughout the course of the night.

“We played really well,” Dat Pass player Blake Schneden said. “We put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Our defense is really the backbone of our team.”

Makin Bacon (3-1) admitted not having played a recent game — this was their first game in a month — might have hindered their effectiveness. Their opponent didn’t show up one week, their next game was canceled due to rain, and they had a bye the week after that.

“We were a little rusty after three weeks of not playing,” Makin Bacon’s Bryan Stein said. “This was a good eye-opener. They were definitely the best team we played so far. You’ve got to give credit where credit is due, and their offense and defense outplayed us.”

There were extended breaks during the game where players argued either with each other or with the referees. The players had a lot to say about the events of the game, but Makin Bacon player Elliot Cook
summed it up best.

“It was a well-fought battle between perennial titans,” he said. “But the sportsmanship was poor, the refs were poor, and the maturity level was low.”

Back Dat Pass Up consistently took advantage of failed execution by Makin Bacon. A first-quarter punt, second-quarter interception, and third-quarter failed fourth-down conversion were all turned into touchdowns by Dat Pass.

Cook pinpointed what his team failed to do in the loss, and what they’ll do in the future to ensure success.

“If we could have scored some more points, it would have been nice,” he said. “If we score more points and stop the other team from scoring points, we have a good chance.”

Back Dat Pass Up was optimistic about heading to the playoffs with a perfect record.

“They were a good team, the best we’ve faced,” Danny Henderson said. “That game was a tough challenge and was good experience before the playoffs. We’ll also be getting Eric Lee back. He’s the backbone of our offense and our playmaker. We’re excited for the playoffs.”

Makin Bacon was equally optimistic, saying Monday’s game was an exception to how they normally play.

“We’ll do fine in the playoffs,” Stein said. “We looked much better in our other games. Our offense was actually working.”

Both teams advance to the first round of the intramural flag football playoffs, which starts on Oct. 23 and goes through Oct. 27.


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