Kidnapping suspect Tang charged with tampering with witness

Peng Tang, an Iowa City man accused of first-degree kidnapping, was charged  April 13  with solicitation to commit and aggravated misdemeanor and tampering with a witness or juror.

According to an Iowa City Police complaint, Tang,21, 923 E. College St. Apt. 8, reportedly sent a letter from the Johnson County Jail, where he is currently being held on a $750,000 bond, to a friend asking his friend to locate the alleged victim in the kidnapping case, and get her to drop the charge.

On Sunday, Johnson County Jail officials Tang’s bond has been increased by $50,000 because of the tampering charge.

According to Iowa City police, Tang was charged March 30 for allegedly sexually assaulting  a woman while viewing her room for a potential sublease. The alleged victim was showing Tang her room when he locked the door and allegedly assaulted her, the complaint said.

Tang reportedly asked his friend to find the victim that if she does not cooperate, Tang will be in jail for the rest of his life, and if she does drop the charge he can promise her anything.

According to the complaint, Tang also asked his friend to tell the alleged victim to report she lied to the police, and to ask her to tell the police that it was consensual.

Last week, Tang’s father, Xuefan Tang, 57, and mother, Li Qiao, 49, were also charged with attempting to bribe the alleged victim, according to police documents. They are both currently being held at the county jail, each on a $100,000 bond.

Solicitation to commit an aggravated misdemeanor is considered an aggravated misdemeanor.

Tampering with witness or juror is considered an aggravated misdemeanor.

— By Jordyn Reiland




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