Football: Iowa vs. Western Michigan Exam Grades

Iowa’s 59-3 blowout victory over Western Michigan gave the Hawkeyes their first 3-game winning streak since 2010. Iowa dominated the Broncos in nearly all facets of the game, and found the end zone in four different ways using each unit of the team. Safe to say the Hawkeyes will be earning good grades today.

Find a rhythm: A-

Iowa did great in this regard. The offense worked Western Michigan’s defense practically at will in some points, but there were other times when the Broncos were able to stuff the run game easily — especially on that first drive, when Iowa chewed up 4:32 of game time but moved the ball just 19 yards and settled for a field goal. Western Michigan occasionally shot through the gaps, and held the running game, but as the game progressed, the Hawkeyes did a fine job offensively. (To their credit, though, it’s somewhat difficult to establish some sort of consistent rhythm when your defense and special teams keep scoring.)

Start fast: C+

Maybe I’m just a tough grader, but that first drive wasn’t spectacular from Iowa. The Hawkeyes took 4:32 off the game clock, on a short field and just came up with a field goal. Come on, guys. You’re better than that. Of course, after that play, the team spouted off points like it was nothing. So good for them in that regard.

Contain Davis: A+

The Broncos’ leading receiver had to leave the game early on due to an upper body injury, so he wasn’t a factor in the game. The Hawkeyes’ limited all the other Western Michigan weapons as well, and picked off the opposing quarterbacks three times.

Dictate Pace: A

This was Iowa’s most complete win in recent memory. They forced four turnovers on defense and scored twice on special teams. Pace was completed dictated by Iowa today.

— by Cody Goodwin and Ryan Probasco


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